Additional DredgDikes Installation Testing Field

Based on the experience from the research and pilot dikes  regarding inhomogeneities of the dreged materials, the quality control using the degree of compaction is difficult. Particularly the high variation of local water contents in the installed materials are problematic. Therefore, an additional installation testing field was prepared in Rostock.

In the installation tests two different materials were installed (a fine-grained and a sandy dredged material). The materials were homogenised using a screening bucket fixed to an excavator. For comparison, also non-homogenised material was installed. Compaction was realised with the excavator shovel, the excavator tracks (replacement for the bulldozer), a small compactor and a large sheep‘s foot roller compactor.

The tests are now being evaluated in the frame of a master‘s thesis. The results will be available on the project website by the end of 2014.


DredgDikes Installation Testing Field


DredgDikes Installation Testing Field – Compaction


DredgDikes Installation Test – Homogenisation