1. Management and Coordination


Component 1 contains all management and coordination activities.
Information on the DredgDikes organisation structure and the project management tools can be found in this article.

2. Communication and Dissemination


Component 2 contains all communication and dissemination tools.
Dissemination is a particularly important part of South Baltic Cross-Border Co-Operation projects. On this website, you may catch up with the most recent information on the project, subscribe to the DredgDikes newsletter on the sidebar or register for DredgDikes events.

3. Field and Laboratory Testing


Component 3 contains the large-scale field tests both in Germany and Poland and the corresponding laboratory experiments, both for preliminary material characterisation and for accompanying tests within the field experiments.

4. Pilot Implementation


Component 4 contains all acticities with respect to the pilot project.
The dike along the Körkwitzer Bach near Klockenhagen (40 km North-East of Rostock, Germany) is in a very poor condition. A section of approximately 400 m of the altogether 4,5 km long dike will be reconstructed within the DredgDikes project, aiming to find an feasable alternative for the rest of the dike regarding materials and construction methods.

5. DredgDikes Best Practice Guideline


Component 5 contains all activities regarding the planned best practice guideline.
The guideline will enable authorities and planners among the South Baltic region to efficiently use different dredged materials in dike construction. It will cover basic knowledge about dredged materials and dike construction, design and construction rules, construction methods and environmental aspects. It will be published in three languages: Englisch, Polish, and German.