Target Groups

During the project planning nine different target groups were identified.

  1. Population in the South Baltic Region (SBR) is protected by dikes
  2. Civil engineering/ marine/ environmental authorities in the SBR are concerned with permission and control of dike constructions
  3. City councils/ political bodies are concerned with dredged material or ash disposal problem
  4. Education – students/ seminar attendants learn about innovative methods
  5. Consultants/ planners look for cost effective and innovative construction methods
  6. Construction enterprises build dikes and use innovative construction methods
  7. Geosynthetics producers need application possibilities for their materials
  8. Ash companies need application possibilities for their materials
  9. Power plants need to get rid of their waste ashes

Individual members of the target groups 2-8 are already associated partners in the project. The project will bring socio-economic and environmental benefits to the population, even with the pilot dike, which will enable a more versatile land use and provide protective functions. The use of dredged materials will be implemented in the curricula of the Universities of Rostock and Gdañsk, which will enable the students to use the innovative techniques. Commercial enterprises will benefit economically if the new construction methods will be applied. The authorities will be able to plan and permit dredged materials in dike construction, relying on the best practice guideline, and the disposal problem will be solved.