South Baltic Conference on Dredged Materials in Dike Construction

The South Baltic Conference on Dredged Materials in Dike Construction as the first of two project conferences took place in Rostock / Hohe Düne, 10-11 April 2014.

The following topics were addressed in oral and poster presentations

  • Geochemical and geotechnical characterisation of dredged materials and composite materials containing dredged materials
  • Legal background for the beneficial use of dredged materials in geotechnical applications
  • Use of fine-grained organic dredged materials in geotechnical applications other than dike construction
  • Geosynthetic solutions to improve dredged materials used in geotechnical applications
  • Use of composite materials containing dredged materials in dike construction
  • Special aspects and case studies for the use of dredged materials in dike constructions


Bulletin 1 – call for papers

Bulletin 2 – registration open!

Bulletin 3 – conference programme

Conference Proceedings

The written conference papers can be downloaded as PDF documents. A print version is available upon request HERE.

1. Saathoff/ Cantré – The DredgDikes Project High / Low

2. Le Guern et al. – Geotechnical and Mechanical Characterisation of Three Dredged Sediments Treated with Hydraulic Binders High / Low

3. Große/ Saathoff – Geotechnical Characterization of Different Fine-grained, Organic Dredged Material Batches from the Baltic Sea Area High / Low

4. Neumann/ Henneberg – The Project DredgDikes: Characterization of Chemical Properties of the Dredged Material and First Results on Vegetation Monitoring High / Low

5. Ossowski et al. – Investigation on Water Infiltration and Water Content Changes in a Large-scale Experimental Test Dike High / Low

6. Nitschke et al. – Full-scale Seepage Experiments at the German DredgDikes Research Dike High / Low

7. Gröngröft et al. – Water Balance of Dikes Constructed with Dredged Material – Results From a Long-term Field Test High / Low

8. Olschewski et al. – Overflowing Tests on the Rostock DredgDikes Research Dike High / Low

9. Herrier et al. – Lime Treated Soil as an Erosion Resistant Material for Hydraulic Earthen Structures High / Low

10. Van Nederkassel et al. – The Use of Engineered Sediments for the Construction of a Compartment Dike in the Controlled Flooding Area of Vlassenbroek (Belgium) High / Low

11. Nuber/ Pohl – Geotechnical Investigations on Dike Materials as a Basis for a Holistic Numerical Model High / Low

12. Balachowski – Stability of the Inner Slope of the Polish DredgDikes Research Dike at Stationary Flow High / Low

13. Müller/ Borchardt – Load-bearing Capacity of a Selected Dredged Material – Evaluation for its Applicability on the East Zingst Dike Project High / Low

14. Naumann et al. – Deformation Analysis of Dikes Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) High / Low

15. Holm et al. – Beneficial Use of Dredged Contaminated Sediments High / Low

16. Herman et al. – A Lustrum of Valorisation of Contaminated Sediments From the Port of Dunkirk (France) High / Low

17. Lahtinen et al. – Mass Stabilisation as a Method of Treatment of Contaminated Sediments High / Low

18. Morscheck et al. – Matured Dredged Material as Restoration Substrate in Landfill Surface Sealing Systems High / Low

19. Coulet et al. – Salhouse Spit Restoration with Dredged Sediment in Geotextile Tubes High / Low

20. Geißler et al. – Rehabilitation of Water Bodies by Beneficial Re-use of the Sediments in Geotextile Tubes High / Low

21. Wortelboer – Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediments Using Geotextile Tube Technology High / Low

22. Neumann/ Henneberg – Legal Aspects for the Reuse of Dredged Material and the Application in Dike Constructions High / Low

23. Kiukkonen – Mass Stabilisation Machinery High / Low

Organising Committee

Fokke Saathoff (Chairman)

Stefan Cantré

Elisabeth Nitschke

Michael Henneberg

Ricarda Neumann

Scientific Committee

Fokke Saathoff, Germany

Zbigniew Sikora, Poland

Arnoldas Norkus, Lithuania

Göran Holm, Sweden

Thorsten Piontkowitz, Denmark

Lech Balachowski, Poland

Mohamed Boutouil, France

Stefan Cantré, Germany

Marcin Cudny, Poland

Remigiusz Duszynski, Poland

Julia Gebert, Germany

Jürgen Grabe, Germany

Michael Henneberg, Germany

Gijs Hoffmans, Netherlands

Martin Pohl, Germany

Klaus Waßmuth, Germany

Martin Ziegler, Germany


The conference was organized under the auspices of BWK and HTG.BWK Logo Hafentechnische Gesellschaft

The conference was cofinanced by the EU, South Baltic Programme.

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